RCML: Software To Speed Up Programming and Integration of Industrial Robotics and Machinery

RCML: Meta Software For Industrial Robotics
RCML is an AI-powered platform for no-code industrial robot programming. It streamlines automation across various robot models and brands. RCML modules include pre-trained neural networks to provide real-time object type and location detection, robotic arm motion planning, task distribution across multiple robots, active safety measures, especially when working alongside humans.

For more complex and non-standard scenarios, it supports direct programming with Python and C++, letting engineers bypass proprietary, low-level languages native to different brands of robotic arms.
Any Robot
Any Operation
Any Industry
Manufacturing is coming back to America.
Robotic automation of businesses is growing exponentially.
We are here to speed it up: efficient automation with RCML Software and Integration Services
How It Works
RCML Provides Ready-to-deploy, Adjustable Solutions for Pick And place, Assembling, Disassembling, Painting, Welding, Palletizing, Quality Inspection, and Other Common Robotic Tasks
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